Whats with the anti cheat?

I’m confused, why does the biggest minecraft server on bedrock (minecraft is a game known for having tons of cheaters) not have an anti cheat that can detect autoclickers or firekeys which can be used to get insane amounts of cps. In fact yesterday while I was playing treasewars I was fighting a blatant reach hacker (5 blocks) for like 5 minutes and he didn’t get banned. What is wrong with this server? I just dont know enough about anti cheats to answer this question. If you know why, please comment it.

Hey there :wave:

I’ve addressed questions similar to this in a previous post, please give this a read :slight_smile:

We have a dedicated developer working on our anti-cheat, and it gets updated almost every day. We do not publicly announce or discuss what is specifically being worked on for obvious reasons.

As has been mentioned already, anti-cheat development is extremely hard work, and there is sadly no ‘quick fix’ to permanently stop cheaters. The reality of being one of the biggest Bedrock servers ís that there are several people dedicated to finding workarounds for our specific anti-cheat systems, making it a never-ending uphill battle.

You can rest assured that we are and will continue to work on and improve our anti-cheat, these things just take time.