What's the weirdest way you've eliminated or "killed" somebody on the hive?

Just wondering because I killed someone with an auto bridger. :joy: It just pushed him off the map.


when me and other player are last two on sw i was just buiding down to hide cause i am a pe noob and the pro player just jumped into the void staring at me and that makes me laugh :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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When i beat the worlds worst speed hacker because he had -5 game sense and wouldn’t rush me

Can’t remember anything specific, I guess I’ve juked out people so hard that they walk off, and in sg I’ve used my fist to kill a fair number of people, but neither of those are what I’d consider “wierd”.

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I once told someone to drop all of their stuff and take off their armour, then jump into the void and they did lol.


Me and my friend outsmarted a team and they just dropped all their stuff and jumped off

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I saw someone mining on they’re island after a fight so I snowballed him then he died maybe it was the clutch he had🤣

Dropped a supply crate on someone in SG. :+1:


Me and a friend were in kinda crap armor on SW and a guy in full dia was at mid. My friend basically tried to “talk it over” with him, causing a distraction, and I snuck on up the full dia guy and started to attack him. My friend followed and we both ended up killing him. Teamwork.


I killed someone a sword once I think, but not sure :thinking:




I was bridging up casually in TW MEGA and this guy from other team try to jump and kill me but I block traped him. I thought we we’re gonna build up and then attack but nope lol.

someone just walked of the edge, me: excuse me but what the [da-

Someone rushed me in sw just as a bomb spawned from the gold ore and he died but i didnt.

Someone Pushed me off and I looked up threw Snowball and hit him off to.

In Skywars.

I was mining down to find someone in skywars and I accidentally mined gold ore which spawned TNT, but the TNT launched the other guy off.


In sg, I knocked someone under a supply crate. But got killed by his teammate

this guy placed a knock back tnt next to me thinking it was a normal tnt and I hit him
the knockback tnt blew him off


Didnt know u could be killed by the supply crate, but i also never play sg lol

“Well, the line between stupidity and bravery has blurred long ago” (my comment when they placed the TNT)