Whats The Hardest Quest You've Ever Done?

Whats the hardest quest you’ve ever done? I’m stuck on one right now so I was wondering about other peoples quests.


Play 10 Games of SnowWars was hard bc you had to play 50 minutes of SnowWars for 30QP



@ariannasv22 can back me up on this. :eyes:


Finish deathrun without dying is always annoying for me when I want to go fast.


I have the same problem lol

I was gonna mention this when I saw the title lol

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A whiiilllleeee back ago I needed to finish 10X without dying in DR…
Like it was so annoying and so long (you can find it in my quest completion trash video)

i remember before Christmas i was tryna get
win one as sheriff
it took my like an hour and 15mins, lol

Whenever I have that quest I just don’t go for top 3.

I’m mm I needed to get a win as a murderer. Tookme like 40 mins just to get the role but luckily I succeeded on the first try

Oh I never win at murderer, I don’t think I ever have, I’m bad. Level 30 hive+.

Umm the ones with bugs in them that do not work

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I’d say be the last innocent, but I’ve never done that one
The hardest one I have done is either collect 512 gold in one game(I tried doing it in solos, I know it’s easy in mega) or a finish without dying dr one

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This isn’t hard for me at the time but the quest was to kill 5 ppl in MM. But I got murder first try and killed everyone cuz I got really lucky

i just afked in the summoner bc it was summoner max lvl