What's the coolest hub title, costume and avatar?

Hello everyone

I just wanna know which costume, hub title and avatar are the coolest so… Yeah… xD

your opienion

Ik but I just wanna know what the community likes

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costume: friendly dragon/icebloom
hubtitle: the mysterious master
avatar: meowtiny

Mine are

Coolest hub title: The Golden Legend
Coolest costume: Golden Dragon
Coolest avatar: Dragon Mark

because I love this set very very much

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Coolest costume: Whippy
Coolest hub title: I am speed
Coolest avatar: N/A, I can’t really pick a favorite

Coolest costume: snowgolem or gingerbread
Coolest hub title: Bruh.
Coolest Avatar: idk maybe one of the Winter themed ones

Costume : HONK
Title: H O N K
Avatar: Geese Who

Costume: Detective Sloth. Not really appealing in terms of color, but it looks nice according to me.
Avatar: Red panda. :heart:

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Costume :Maga
Hub title : YEAHHHHHH/ leaf me alone
Avatar : I forgot his name but you It looks like a crown And you can have it if you get there 49 level in TW

Costume: Fire Dragon
Hub Title: I have spoken
Avatar: Idk

Costume: BlockDrop Max
Hub Title: MWAHAHA
Avatar: Grumpy Cat

Costume: Time Owl
Hub Title: Woof
Avatar: Doge

Costume : Villager 007
Hub Title : spooperhero
Avatar : BOOM !

costume: Detective platypus (reminds me of Perry)
Hub title: The platypus

Also pretty sure you all know this but here is where you find all the costumes

costume: dolphin
hub title: the silent killer
avatar: the goat

that wat i used

Costume: Glowbot

Hub Title: Bruh.

Avatar: idk

That’s a lot of replays…

I use
Costume: villigar 007 or burger
Hub title: G.O.AT
Avatar: UwU

Mine are:

Costume: Flippy
Hubtitle: Stay Frosty!
Avatar: Friendly dragon/Walrus

idc about hub titles or avatars, but I firmly believe in baguette supremacy.

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