What's taking the hive admins so long to approve my bug report?

So I recently made a bug report about some costume bug 5 days ago, and then waited for approval. But after these 5 days my bug report still haven’t got approved, which is kind of strange as usually whenever I made a bug report, it usually gets approved on the next day. But then this time round, the hive admins are taking longer than usual to approve my costume bug report

I dont get it, it is just one bug report, like cant they just simply approve it?

There are a ton of bug reports on the server, the mods search through a lot of them. Many bug reports are duplicates and it takes a while to search through them all. Btw this post makes you look like a new person to the forums.

I am not even a new person, is just that I feel that this time round, I made a bug report 5 days ago, yet it still didnt get approved

also most of the time, when I make a bug report, it usually gets approved on the next day. Just to clarify, my costume bug report is not a duplicate because if it is, Splodger would have already said so to me

Idk maybe there’s a lot of bug reports when you made the post.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as that :stuck_out_tongue:

Splodger is actually the only person that handles bug reports, for one. You may see an occasional response from myself or an owner but this is normally only due to Splodger being away or unavailable. Even then, that is very rare and 99% of the time, it will be Splodger looking.

There’s a number of reasons he may leave bug reports for a while and it’s tricky to go through all of them. Please rest assured that by not approving them, we do still see them! Splodger acknowledges every single one submitted but may keep it unapproved for a while to handle privately or seek more information.


btw what if the bug report I made manage to fix itself, like for the costume bug report whereby my costume wont appear even though I have already equipped like it instead showed my minecraft skin instead, but then my costume re-appears again after relogging, does that means I made a false bug report ?

No you’re good, if it’s something we’ve fixed or found to not be a bug on our end, we’ll just close the report. :slight_smile:

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oh ok then, thanks

Bruh the Developers have tons of other stuff in the backround like programming the coming soon game in the hub. + There’s lots of other people that that found bugs and report them

The point of finding things like what @SpringPea100 found is so staff can go into the game and fix these