What would you rate the hive from 0-10

Pretty simple, rate the hive from 0-10 maybe give reasons.

I rate 4/10, good server quality, 7/10 knockback, very clean server with a lot of quality of life stuff. But it has a bad community were the noobs try way too hard and still lose and were the good players are just toxic, the game modes have massive fundamental issues that never get fixed, the hive has killed every other server besides cubecraft, the staff are absolute scumbags (also they dont tell us why the anti cheat is still terrible, which just makes it feel like their doing nothing to fix it, also they lock every thread about the anti cheat…I wonder why) additionally if you want a competitive experience you have to deal with the underground hive scrim community (which is not something most people wouldn’t want to do).

I predict that this thread will be locked in less than 2 days cuz I said mean things about the staff team.

I’d give the Hive a 8. Half or more points you said don’t make sense but ok.

The Hive has a clean kb system, which is something I don’t find for Cubecraft or any other server. They also have an AS region which also none of the servers have.

The games, although very few are extremely polished. There are a huge number of cosmetics (I don’t see any other server having 4D costumes, haven’t seen one at least). Levelling system is clean, and there is no P2W feature or any exclusive game modes for certain ranks. Yes, content creators may get early access to new games but everyone has access after the game releases.

And toxicity, no one is toxic in game, I see toxic depressed 13 year olds on the Discord, but there isn’t much you can do for that.

Dont comment on them if you feel they’re annoying.

Hello? How? If people like the Hive better than another server, why should they not play it???


I think I’d give it an 8.5/10.

It’s never really laggy for me, I’m fine with the knockback, it’s clean and everything is easy to navigate, they have great staff (especially from what I can see on the Discord), Hive+ is a great premium rank, the games are fun and not complex (can get a little repetitive sometimes), the maps are good quality (I wish there were more for some games but I know they take a while to make), and it’s just a fun server to play on.

I don’t really care about all the technical stuff like the knockback and anti-cheat so that’s probably part of the reason why my rating is higher than yours but yeah.

I would rate it an overall 9/10. I mainly play TW and other pvp games, and Hive imo is one of the best servers for that, especially for mobile players.

They have very good kb and pvp experience in general, multiple layers of PBMM (for mobile, xbox/ps4, and pc), they have 3 different regions to play on so you can always play with good ping, and it also doesn’t lag very bad on lower end devices (except DR and MM).

Although the anti cheat has some flaws, they make up for it by having replay IDs, and they also have great staffs too. I do have some other minor complaints, but they’re mostly subjective and irrelevant.

compare it to everything else thats a 17

I would rate hive
10/10 tw
8/10 sw
7/10 sg
6/10 mm
8/10 death run
4/10 just build

The hive is a great server with little lag compared with other servers.
The knockback is the most consistent out of any server I have played on so it is amazing for combos.
I main TW and SW and I think they are great games.
I dont play the other games much, but when I do I always have a laugh.

Pls don’t diss the staff they are amazing people that just try to make the hive more enjoyable. Fixing the anticheat is really complicated and they are always working on it.


It’s their opinion if they think staff are bad
Plus, it’s a Forum, I agree the usage of scumbag was unnecessary and immature, but other than that, it’s their opinion :grin: and this is a Forum :beedance: where opinions :grin: are welcome :partying_face: :smiley:


I do agree with a lot of the things you say, Asia region is a very very nice feature and costumes are actually really good.

But I hate the leveling system cuz I’m a broke boi with no hive plus LOL I’m level 89 but if I had hive plus I’d be level 178. (which doesn’t exist idk why the hive doesn’t just raise the level cap to 1000 so everyone always has something to grind for, and it would really separate the gods from the plebs which I think would be cool for some reason).

The games aren’t polished btw lemme quickly expose all the flaws of the pvp gamemodes (the non pvp game modes are fire tho lol). Survival games takes far to little skill with bow spam, cobwebs, and campfires. also running is just too good, because you regen untill you only have 3 hunger bars left so if your dying the best option is always to run (and back stabbing, I’ve made so many posts complaining about sg you think I wouldn’t have to explain it anymore). Games that don’t take any skill dont last very long thats why the tryhards play TW now. Speaking of TW, TW has snowballs spam which just makes it a race to mid (snowballs are op even 1 snowball can win a midfight and 16 snowballs is just unbeatable without an ender pearl). Also hive removed feature/glitch were protection made you take MUCH less damage but the iron chestplate still has protection 1…for almost no reason. If they wanted to shrink the gap between iron and diamond armor they should have given it more protection and also they should have never copied vanilla minecraft with how the armor works that just makes no sense (i know im getting off topic). Skywars is dumb dumb, its just a race to mid so you can get full diamond and even worse, the best strategy once at mid is just to camp. Because if you try to get kills people run away and you just risk getting hit off the map.

And I mean if you just play casually then yea, no one is toxic, the only problem is that the whole competitive player base is depressed 13 year old’s on Discord.

Objectively, the Kb is like 9.5/10 very consistent and sorta set the standard (idk im a newgen). But in my opinion I’ve seen better on servers like vasar.tk, letsgame.today, and solar (now synthetic, and maybe still in development idk what happend). I want the Kb to have more horizontal not too much tho lol.

And yes, the hives very existence is killing other servers, because it is a featured server that appeals to everyone. This means that people dont have to look for other servers which MURDERS other servers because to sustainable run a minecraft servers you need a big player base due to how few people actually buy stuff from servers. ( how do you compete with the biggest server when its being promoted by the game itself by being a featured server. And attracts most of the content creators because its the biggest server). Also, do you really think that the hive is the end all be all of the Minecraft bedrock multiplayer experience my brudda. When their are no duels, no uhc, no clans or guilds, (YET LOL IM SURE THEY ARE COMING SOON EVEN THO I KNOW THEY AIN’T) no ranked, no anticheat, no factions, no HCF, and an extreme lack of original and OG game modes. (cubecraft and galaxite do have SOME of these things but still this game could be some much more than just a few mini game servers).

footnote: you should speak on things that are wrong, trying too hard ruins the game. idk why you think staying silent is better especially when I’ve been mowing down these noobs for months and they still just dont get better because they dont understand that improvement is a win in itself.

(this reply is way too long LOL I really gotta chill)

That’s not the Hive’s fault. You can’t blame the Hive for being good ://


Using SB is a GAMESENSE, you cannot say “TW sucks because I got sb’d off, idc if it’s a feature”

@drac9034 send me a friend request, you seem like one of those people who actually have ideas and can actually think rationally

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it lost 4 points because it’s on bedrock and they rarely release games



Yeah, after some thought I do agree, its more Microsoft’s fault, Idk why featured servers are a thing when it encourages monopolistic behavior that ends up hurting the consumer. And the hive doesn’t really have a choice about being a featured server…it would be like throwing away money. But I’m not blaming the hive for being good, (cuz they aren’t) they are in the position their in because they got lucky and were successful on java which I belive is why they were chosen as a featured server. (still does factor into the overall rating tho LOL)

I dont agree with this tho, when you really think about it, everything takes some amount of game sense AND is a feature. The problem with snowballs is that their OP, if you’re not using them you’re losing (or atleast you would be if the hive player base was good at this game lol). I mean the thought process for using snowballs goes like this 1. are they standing near the void? If yes, then proceed to hold right click and move your crosshair in their general direction. And when its just a mid fight and you only have like 3 snowballs the thought process goes like this 1. are they approaching? if so then switch to your snowballs and proceed to right click once, after that run/walk towards them while letting go of W after every hit and pressing left click while keeping your crosshair on them. Its too simple, its too easy.

I’d give the hive an 8/10. They have good games, and I like twars a lot more than any other bw style game I’ve played(due to it not having a tone of useless items, and how you can’t just make it so your gen makes ems and stuff like some versions). Though they do have issues with announcing things way too early in development, like they did with swarms.

Anyway, here’s what I have to say about what you said about snowballs

The trick is to not stand near the void then if they’re acting like they have snowballs(aka guarding a bridge). Most people take a bit to be tricked into crossing a bridge too. So yes, they are cheap, but only situationally useful most of the time.

How is this any worse than getting into a combo through any other way though?

9/10 because sometime it’s laggy and I can’t load chunks. One time today I couldn’t even open inventory.

hmm I think ill, rate it 8/10. This is because the pvp system sucks for mobile and console players. Also Hive mainly takes suggestions from youtubers and big names only

It is great to have your own opinions, but it matters the way you address it.

That is because so many of them are being made. Also, it is not the staff members’ fault that the anticheat is terrible. It is the developers who are responsible for that

Also…how are the staff terrible?

The Hive does not like to add longterm gamemodes

Coming soon…Mixed Arcade and Swarms

(Not hating on you, but I just want to point out a couple of things :+1: )

I’d give it a 9/10. Compared to the other featured servers like Lagboat or Mineville, this server is a blessing for Bedrock players. It doesn’t have any Pay 2 Play nonsense or overpriced cosmetics. All prices in The Hive store are fair and cosmetic only.

The Hive is able to show others that a Bedrock server can be financially stable without the need to be unfriendly to the consumer by making everything overpriced on the server’s store.

You can even get store costumes for free if you do the quests, that’s pretty damn generous of the owners. You will never see anything like that on any other featured server.

Plus the overall quality of the server is near perfection. No lag or no major bugs (with the exception of the pink glitch I guess, but that’s on Mojang to fix).

The only thing that I do not like about The Hive is the knockback. For me it just feels as if I am playing against people with reach hacks, so I just stick with the casual games and not the sweaty ones like Skywars.