What would happen after 5 minutes

If for some weird reason no one reached the end in 5 minutes who would be on the stadium, what would happen?
I’d really like to know, I’m very curious to know the answer

idk man I suck at deathrun well i am good but dont like same with hide ans seek.

I play it like occasionally and murder mystery too, I don’t have level 20 or level 100 and I don’t really want to grind for them, I like treasure wars, and I am looking forward to Splegg and block party

Yea I play TW the most but sadly I cant play for a while :cry:

nobody would be on the podiums

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How do you know that?

hackers have won in 0.1 seconds and nobody else finishes and those podiums are blank so it would work with nobody at all finishing too


Oki thank you lol (20 characs)

Maybe the deaths would be on the podium, like they are if nobody finishes in Java?


Yeah, I want to know the real answer idk why, I thought if that could happen

The thing is, there’s only 2 deaths, and if you decided the deaths should be on the podium followed by a runner with the most deaths then it would just display both their kill count and fill the 3rd one with the runner with the most deaths, but it’s inconsistent like that.

I want to know the real truth…

You’ll probably find it in a game of Death Run which doesn’t have many people playing (and also assuming they’re bad at Death Run).

There is no way you could have 17 other people be that bad at the game, I think the only way it could work is if a triggered trap that prevents you from passing gets glitched

Or if there’s a map which is hard for the runners if you play efficiently (as a death). Though you could also just fill the game with a party who do little to nothing as runners, but play god-like as a Death.

A party is 8 max, so they maybe need to wait till there is like no one playing it on Asia and all joining it with 3 parties and not win lol

Hope you know where to find 19 people who are willing to screw around in Death Run. Though getting all those parties into one game may be tough unless there’s literally no one playing Death Run.

That’s what I meant,

Cause sometimes there could litturally be no one there

The thing is, Asia isn’t always empty. I’ve seen over 1,000 people when it’s morning in NA. and in NA (as of when school is active), its nearly empty.

Sometimes there could be less than 100 players on Asia That’s when I’m talking about
Or I think a not completely full game could work, someone should definitely try it one day (what is the minimum on DR?12 players?)