What were the worst plays you have seen

Share the dumbest moments you have seen on hive games.

I will start.

  • MURDER MYSTERY: Guy who got murderer decided to hold out his sword, crouch, walk around with his head down and not kill anyone. It took a bit too long for the sheriff to put him out of his misery since he didn’t know about it yet
  • MURDER MYSTERY: The Sheriff and the killer teamed up at the end.
  • TREASURE WARS MEGA: Player A decides to rush one of our minions but then changed their attention to a vulnerable player B on a bridge with his back turned and standing still. They tried to knock Player B off but Player A failed to knock them off since they landed safely but then Player A somehow fell off.
  • Treasure Wars Mega: Guy kept going for the boss yet it was still invulnerable.
  • Treasure Wars Mega: Some “midget skin” tried to rush our minion with nothing but 64 wook blocks even though the minion was heavily defended. After I killed him 2 times with an stone axe, he decided to come back with a stone axe but without any armor so after 3 kills I didn’t see him for a while until I saw him at the diamond generator in front of the main boss with just a diamond sword and chain trying to hold his position with someone else who was bow spamming. Now back at the death match, he comes to rush me with an Diamond sword and iron armor which was the same gear I had but the. I kill him when I was at 4hp which puts him out of the game but then I died to a full diamond and we lost the game
  • Treasure Wars Mega: Some guy in a Webby Vanderquack/Daisy Duck skin kept trying to rush us yet they kept getting killed but they came back with nothing new. Eventually they stopped and I never saw them again.
  • Treasure Wars Mega: Some guy tried to rush the minion I was guarding but he always left as soon as someone else came to join me. Then he became the bow spammer during the death match which became annoying. Then he had the nerve to try and kill someone with a sword which ended horribly because he fell off and died.
  • TREASURE WARS MEGA: This isn’t that dumb but I feel like this should go on here because It utilizes a mostly forgotten and underrated item in the game. Anyways what happened was at our last minion, this same guy kept coming to rush us. They was a decent player with stone and chain but they was always outnumbered so after 4-5 failed rush attempts, they thought enough was enough so they actually bought full iron, a diamond sword and TNT and a they were able to rally up 2 others and they completely destroyed our defenses with the TNT and took out our minion. The only reason I knew that TNT was involved was because A good chunk3/4 of the protection used was gone and the incision was a perfect square. Even though they succeeded, they died shortly after.
  • Hide And Seek: Only seeker in the game, They decided to hit me back and fourth and as a mobile player I couldn’t do anything about it so I decided to quit.

i do this all the time in hide in seek. Its fun.
This one time in tw someone said they were a youtuber called “unspeakablegaming”(who plays java) and everyone believed it. He had a totally different username and talked like a 5 yo meanwhile unspeakablegaming is a grown man.

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Dumbest plays I see are when in sg someone decides to go after me when it would make sense to go after a different guy and after they kill me they get bodied by said guy.

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That reminds me in Lifeboat Survival mode, some guy said he was Preston even though his name was TBNRFRAGS[Random 4-digit number]. I convinced everyone it wasn’t him


Treasure wars: every person who either stays in the gen for five minutes, then gets chai mail armor, then goes back in. Or shares gens

Oh I hate people who intentionally shares the generators when they see someone is in it.

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Just Build: theme was moon, someone made a brown smudge

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Skywars solos: 5 ppl tried to team with me in one game obviously I killed em

That makes me think of those poor non-english speakers and they don’t change their language and they have no idea what to do

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I had my game language in German for a while, it didn’t translate the themes to German so they’re probably still working on some of the translations

6 teamers in sg duos, still lose because they think leather is the best armor.

skywars: placing a boom box down instead of a knockback boom box

bruuhhh one guy had like many boomboxes and I was comboing him but then he tried to get away by placing like 5 boomboxes

turns out they were knockback boomboxes and he went flying…

…into the void

The worst play I even seen was when Scratchfangs fell off a perfectly flat bridge.

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oh and also people who wait near the ore right as you’re about to break it, and the even though you’re standing right where the ore was, the other guy gets the stuff from it

I just wanna block trap them, but they might have gotten something good i wanted out of them

I block clutched and fell off. :slight_smile:


When one of my teammates broke the block under me and then proceeded to fall off

I was mad at him but I was also laughing because he fell off and I died too so that means our team was completely dead

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Deathrun: how 90% of deaths target first even though they get way less xp than if the targeted where people are clumped together

Twars: That turtle that just keeps running at you with their fists(even though you’re in iron armor) while you slowly get through their defense, and immediately runs after you finally do

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I remember having one of those people in bedwars where they try to rush with nothing yet the treasure is protected with endstone

Even though this story was mentioned above, I will repeat it

This one guy with the Midget sized skin tried to rush out most protected minion with nothing but wool blocks to try and block us off to buy him time but I had chain and an Axe and I kept killing him. Usually people would come back with better gear after two failed attempts but it took like 3-4 kills to make him get a stone axe because he finally learned from me but he didn’t have armor so he was a fairly easy fight. After 2 more kills I didn’t see him for a while until I saw him at the middle diamond generator with a diamond sword and chain and a full diamond bow spammer with him. Then during death match he decides to rush me with Iron armor and a diamond sword but jokes on him, that’s what I have too so I kill him with 4HP left which puts him out of the game. Then shortly after my team lost because We were outnumbered and they had full diamonds while the 2 others with either had chain or idk what the other had

The worst plays are my own plays, the ones where I jump into the void.