What triggers a shadowmute?

  1. Harassment
  2. Bullying or racism
  3. In-game chat messages with double meaning that includes sensuality or ***uality
  4. Rude, harsh or aggressive in-game messages
  5. Messages that tells people to do a thing that can hurt them (example: Tell them to kill themselfes)
  6. Toxicty

Trash talk is allowed though, sometimes.

Example of acceptable trash talk:

That was really bad aim. Get good and then come back to see if you got better.

Most of these info were taken from the Xbox Community Standards.


I feel like this isn’t always the case, I know people who were muted without doing any of these

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did you seriously quote me


If they are a bit toxic, it’s likely their toxicty that triggered it.

I said none of them… they did nothing bad

the word filter must be broken then…

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I feel sometimes people say they are a bit more clean than they actually are after being shadowmuted, I do agree it is a flawed system

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While this is true, most of the time it happens to be a glitch and the player can unmute themself by spamming.

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Or accidentally mispelling “smh” and replacing the h with a D

or listing your death count in treasure wars, 1488