What should someone do if Support doesn’t respond to them?

Just wondering

I also know someone who sent something to support two months ago and never received a response


They should have recieved a response. :c
I suggest emailing again if you are 100% sure they haven’t received it. (Wait at least a week or two)
ALSO, check your spam folder if you emailed, because there’s a chance it could be marked as spam.

:blobheart: Good luck!

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I’m late to this but check your promotion tab as well
I emailed support once and I check back a month later and it’s in my promotion tab lmao

Support responded to my email within 6 hours idk why they won’t reply to you

I guess they just don’t like some people

I’ve had a friend who also tried to contact support but they didn’t reply, maybe dm’ing the staff might work

Don’t forget, if you are having trouble emailing, we have a live-chat feature right on our support website in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Wait a bit.
Or a bit more

Not sure if two months is already enough, buddy :sweat_smile:

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