What Shader do you use?

So I’m trying to find the best shaders out there, and I was just wondering what shaders the forumers use, and their compatibility with different devices. If you want to share what shader you use, then post the name of it, a picture of it, and the download link (Optional, would be helpful tho). If you don’t use a shader, then don’t say “I don’t use a shader” please.



I don’t use any shaders.

This would be helpful :+1:

i just read the title and ask pixel for a pic, mine got deleted off my pc and, or i cant find it

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you already knew that but whatever

ESBE_2G 4.3

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HSPE shaders on the normal setting

if you have a beast of a computer use the experimental setting like mj did here

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I use ESBE 2G shaders :ok_hand:


I use Shiftery Shaders I like them but the only thing is that its black and white at night if there is no light but i dont mind

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I play on a switch, so… what are shaders? (jkjk I know what they are)

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Fancy Graphics is the best shader.

pls no bulli it was a joke


My favorite ones :

  • Enchanted HSPE (work best with default texture pack, but looks really great !)
  • ESBE_2G

The ones I tested that didn’t convinced me ^^’

  • Yasmina, yalsmina ? I forgot the name :joy:
  • Chocapic

Shaders I’ve to test :yum: :

  • Zebra Shaders
  • RUSPE Shaders

I’ve started using the “Sylum Shaders”, i really like them. and they go really well with Xoop’s 5k pack!


Zebra and Energy shaders are reaalllyy good for low-end devices and for the big guns

Dieces 50K pack as the wool + nametag colors between yellow and green are differentiable
dieces 50k