What’s your favorite web browser?

  • Google Chrome
  • Chromium
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer
  • Other

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I like chrome, but I don’t like how they remove features.


Why is chromium a separate option lol


I dunno man internet explorer loves quitting on me at the last second

Chrome good

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Don’t dudge me but microsoft edge has really improved in the 2004 content update of windows 10.
It’s gotten alot faster, has great features, is much safer and overall is way ahead of any other I’ve used before.
I even switched from chrome to edge lol


Microsoft rewards


Do you mean the new edge based on chromium or the legacy verysion. The new edge is pretty similar to chrome now.


Oh yeah and everytime I search on edge I get free Microsoft points.
Haven’t used any yet but in 6 months I’ll probably have atleast £10 :joy:

New edge. Legacy still haunts me

The only feature I liked on the legacy version was the ability to set tabs aside for later (forgot the features name). I was kind of disapointed when I didn’t see it in the new edge.

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imagine not using forums on your phone

Edge is also cleaner than chrome

My hard disk is damaged and it can’t handle Chrome, But Microsoft Edge just works as usual :smiley:

I use Chrome for discord because the discord app doesnt want to download and chrome is the only browser that I can vc on

Safari is the best for ios, but chrome despite being somewhat resource intensive for a web browser does run quite fast


i would choose chrome and edge if this was multiple choise

but i guess chromium counts

I need to get the new version of edge lmao

I would have said microsoft edge, but for some reason it doesn’t save my tabs

Opera: exists
Handsomeboy: I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that

Also I’ve always used chrome and it’s good enough for me.