What’s the most knock back nemos you’ve ever gotten

Also I got all the knockbacks by mining, i rewatched an old clip I have and all the knockbacks were from mining

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I never get knockback nemos

I got all the knockbacks from mining.
And also I got the fourth one and then the next emerald I wrecked I got the fifth one

I got 2 once

Interesting, but welcome to the forums both of you!

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I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never gotten the privilege to even SEE a knockback Nemo. Heart-breaking I know

You must have terrible luck or you don’t play skywars at all

How much Skywars do you play? Not that much?

In all of my 31 games I’ve never had the chance.

The amount of ores I’ve mined (currently): 32990
The amount of games I’ve played (currently): 1713
So what do I do to tell how many ores I mine per game?


Yes but by what
(Sorry I’m confused)

You must divide the number of ores mined by games played to get an answer.


Shown here! So you mine 19.26 ores per game

Ok, thanks

78580 / 5978

i mine an average 13 ores per round

the most fish ive gotten is 3

All of y’all scholars are like calculating n stuff

it’s RNG, and there are so many ores on any given map and I know for a fact that none of you guys went through the process of counting all the ores, thus, (in this context) making it impossible to make an average number nor equation to build on

TL:DR let’s just all agree that whatever this man did was pretty rare. We don’t need an inconclusive equation


also ngl discourse needs to fix the invisible reaction bug, but yeah, the chance of kb nemo dropping is about 1 in 60, or 1.6%. tbh I dont usually mine alot of ores too

Only 31??
You need to start grinding

I got 3 once :)

7 In one game