What’s the most knock back nemos you’ve ever gotten

I got five in one round once.


Holy crap jesus what the he double l

I have never seen that before I once got 2 and I though that it was the rarest thing ever

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Bro your luck is insaneee!
I got 2 once
Also welcome to the forums!

Wow this is pretty cool

I’ve gotten 1 at most

Thanks yes I’m new to forums.
That round I had two knockbacks by the time warm up was over

at most I gotten is 1. But 5? that is really impossible tbh in my opinion. Probably requires extreme luck on that

I got 3 in a game once

First of all, welcome to the forums.

Second, if my math is right, and assuming that the odds of getting a knockback nemo are 1/100, then finding 5 nemos would be:



1/1 trillion



That’s one followed by twelve zeroes, which is a REALLY BIG number. But those are just the odds if you got 5 nemos in a row. The screenshot you shared shows that there are 6 minutes and 28 seconds left in the game, so assuming that you mined emerald ores nonstop with an iron pickaxe since the beginning of the game, you would have mined 282 emerald ores, which puts your odds at:




which is still very rare,

but it gets even better.

If all 12 players mined emerald ores with an iron pickaxe with the time show in the screenshot, then everyone would have mined 3384 emerald ores in total, putting your odds of finding a nemo at:


To call this lucky would be an understatement. This is a once in a lifetime game right here.


I’ve only had 3 before in one game

would you not need to take into account other people getting the fish and him killing them


I think the most I’ve ever gotten is 4

0 kills

I really want to believe this is photoshopped (no I’m not accusing) because rng can’t be this lucky lol

Good job on 5 nemos xd

i dont have time. but i can get 20 nemos if i wanted to :roll_eyes:

the ores you get on the map are RNG so the math is completely off lmao

Maybe he looted some death crates :man_shrugging:

but the max i got is 2 (around 5 times)

Welcome to the forums and your luck is insane!!!
I have terrible luck and only get 1 I never get higher than 1

Welcome to the forums!
Ur probably a magician, my record is 2 only. It’s insane how OP they are though.

Welcome to the forums!

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obviously skywars isn’t the perfect place to mine emerald ores forever.

282 and 3384 would be the max number of ores mined by a single player or the entire lobby respectively if the ores were placed next to each other, like in a straight line, for example. realistically, this number would be much, much lower. to keep things simple, i’m going to use my stats to find the average number of ores i mine per game.

that number is

24848/2267 ores per game

or(e :drum:) about

10.96 ores per game

so even if i mined around 11 ores in one game, that’s still a 0.000000000011 (0.0000000011%) chance of finding 5 nemos from emerald ores. and if 12 clones of myself mined a total of 132 ores in one game, that’s still a 0.000000000132 (0.0000000132%) chance of finding 5 nemos.

these odds are going to very per person since they probably mine more or less ores than i do, but the numbers are going to change by such a small margin that it can’t deny the fact that this an extremely rare occurrence.

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Back then when I got the five knockbacks I just spent pretty much the whole round mining
(Oh and btw I died that round with 0 kills)