What Minigame Did You Play First?


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Skywars was actually the last gamemode I tried lol

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first one for me though, Skywars I mean. I saw someone jump bridging, and I was like “oh yeah I forgot there would be hackers” LMAO. no I was not aware that this mechanic existed and legit thought he was scaffolding sigh


Mine was treasure wars my first time playing hive so I sucked and I thought jump bridging was hacks cause I was watching Java at the time lol

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Hide and seek :D

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My first Minigame was survival games(if that counts)

My first ever Mini-game was Death run wayyyy back in April 2019 :smile:

The first minigame i ever played was Just Build with my friends MarkPrime333 and @Elogical1281. It was so fun back then! We all played JB solos together, and we all mainly competed against each other.

Mine was Skywars in february! :smiley: when i maxed it the update came out tho :C

Hide and seek back in 2018

My first game was (I think) Blockdrop in 2021

My first game was murder mystery, it was actually the only reason i joined the hive back in end 2019.