What is your favourite Skywars kit?

Hey, Hicksy / HicksH here.

Recently, I have started to play Skywars Kits a bit (if you see me in duos, feel free to say hi).

Currently, I’m using the Void Walker kit as it stops me from being an idiot and falling off my bridges, as well as stopping me getting knocked over by kids with snowballs and Koi.

Therefore, what is your favourite kit? Put it in the comments!

I don’t exactly have a say in what my favorite is, but void walker is most convenient for me as it prevents dumb mistakes with a bridge, similar to your problem.

Also because it well, prevents you from dying to the void which is something 4/5 times i die to in a traditional game of skywars

Not that important, but maybe you can move this topic to #hive-discussion ?

I would say it fits, but ok!

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