What is your favourite Skywars kit? [Moving topic]

Hey, Hicksy / HicksH here.

Recently, I have started to play Skywars Kits a bit (if you see me in duos, feel free to say hi).

Currently, I’m using the Void Walker kit as it stops me from being an idiot and falling off my bridges, as well as stopping me getting knocked over by kids with snowballs and Koi.

Therefore, what is your favourite kit? Put it in the comments!


Void walker definitely as I am not “experienced” on bridges lol

I use void walker because it gives me a one time resurrection if I accidentally fall into the void or get hit by another player into the void. Additionally, if I find myself in immediate danger and need to get away from the dangerous situation as soon as possible, I find it helpful to jump in the void (given I still have the warp) and teleport safely back to my home island.

I have not tried any of the other kits yet, so I may be biased in what I say. However, it seems that void walker is a pretty popular kit to use.

The best is the baller in my opinion