What is ur favorite block in minecraft

What is ur favorite block in minecraft? Too easy? What is ur top 5 favorite blocks.

Example: my favroite block is command block.

Have fun!

Also i find gold and diamond ore pretty.

tbh im gonna have to go for the dirt block,
bc small things amuse small minds I guess

The best block is of course the command block duh, do I even have to justify it?


Here are mine :

  1. Command Block

  2. Redstone Block

  3. Jukebox

  4. Noteblock

  5. Dispenser

dirt block because its the one that most represents me


diorite because it’s pointless like a lot of other good-looking blocks in the game

Lava because I like taking hot baths in it

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Wow i expect u die a lot

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Is lava a block???

Lava can be placed with /setblock <pos> lava, so I think it’s considered as a block. @Pez

Fair enough, sorry for being pedantic lol


My fave block in minecraft would have to be the magma cube because you can use it to keep your house safe from mobs

Magma cube is a mob… You mean magma block?

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@BlueSlimeMC shouldn’t your favourite block be the slime block or you should change your name to bluecommand_blockMC


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Then change your name

I said no


my favorite block is the end gateway block

ik how to get this block btw

mY fAvOrItE bLoCk iS sTrUcTuRe vOiD

Mine is crafting table