WHAT IS THIS? This is really weird ok is this 15 words please be 15 words

So i was playing survival games and i died to… herobrine.

This happens when you die to reasons that are not from a player. For example, when you die from fall damage, it will say you were killed by herobrine. It’s just something funny to see in chat occasionally.


It’s not a bug, it’s a joke like @Popple just said but also it shows that you did something to die (except closing minecraft)

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Yes, herobrine doesn’t exist lol

What if it was the actual guy? The og name? :thinking:

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Well that wouldn’t look the same, currently for a normal player it says:

Killer’s name - kill message - Dead player’s name

But when you die to fall, falling in the void on get squished but the supply crate it says

Dead player’s name was killed by Herobrine

So it doesn’t look the same, very boring I know


Herobrine’s name is also highlighted blue!

Well I fell into the water in the death match and does it deal damage?


Well I fell into a water and died
Oh wait I think one player was flyhacking and he might have hacked to kill me

https://youtu.be/RI-ZXYKPW0A You were probably backstabbed like this

well can supply crates spawn in deathmatch

Water also counts as “Herborine”

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Closing this thread as the question has been answered :slight_smile:

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