What is the next big success you are working towards

Examples: Creating the biggest Tower in “Just build”.
Survive the “Deathrun” or What about…
“hide and seek”, “Murder Mystery”, “Treasure Wars”, “Survival Games”
(Gasps) I can’t forget about “Skywars and Skywars hits”
What is your next S for Success on: https://forum.playhive.com/


Hello and welcome to the forums hope you like it here anyways I’m working towards getting max level in hide and seek and trying to level up in skywars !!

Welcome to the forums. For me probably gonna try and max arcade once it releases

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Hey there, triple welcome to the forums :), and mines the same as the guy above me, when it drops sleep is going straight out the window!

Right now, I’m trying to reach 100 subscribers on youtube!

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As of now, I’m trying to get Hive Helper and I am grinding for the max level on Hide and Seek! I should reach it by Friday, hopefully.

I can apply for Hive Helper on the 18th of May.

Probably maxing twars and maybe gonna max block drop when it releases

Akricap I’ll sub

Thank you very much, I appreciate it!

I’m working towards Level 40 in DR and Level 50 in SW by the end of this year(currently Lvl29 in SW and 15 in DR)

now I’m trying to get to the top level in murder mistery and just build

imagine not already being lvl 40

I’m working towards l max level in skywars, I’m currently level 35.
And when the arcade real eases, I’m gonna get max in block drop.

same Block drop is pog

imagine not already being lvl 75

Jk lol
Anyways I’m working on getting 365 days login streak (about 250 rn) and probably max block drop when it releases

Hive related: maxing arcade

Irl goals: getting accepted at the place I applied to work, and getting my Guinness World Record approved.


getting prestige one in tw

Maxing in every game on my new acc
some of the games are still lvl 0
Overall tryna max it every game in less than 6 months

what’s the world record

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Not telling so none of you nons will go try to break it