What is The Hive skywars like?

I have no idea what the hive skywars is like. could ayone tell me?

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We haven’t released the game yet :stuck_out_tongue:


I could be wrong about this, but I believe he’s referring to the Hive java version of skywars since on the bedrock road map skywars is referred to as “java-like”


no they already have skywars on java so it’s officially on bedrock

I think you misunderstood my statement. I was reffering to the fact that the original poster was wondering what java skywars was like since the upcoming bedrock skywars would be java-like (like the java version of skywars)


oh simple game crashes

yes your correct. Im referring to java

Thats cool i was mostly wondering if you have a realese date?

The Hive won’t announce specific release dates to avoid disappointment.


They mentioned that the Hive Bedrock edition of Sky Wars would be similar to Java Edition. (Possibly not 100% like the Java Edition though) They do plan on implementing the game sometime in the future but as of now there is no current release date.

If you would like to check out how the Java Edition works, check it out here: https://hivemc.com/skywars

If you would like to see updates on the Hive Bedrock Public Roadmap, here:


thats ok i guess. that makes sense

Islands are 40ish blocks apart from each other, there are(decently good) midchests, you don’t get a full set of armor from getting all the chests, no juggernaut or bulldozer and there’s a grace period

it’s alright i guess

Grace period??? That’s not fun honestly because you can’t rush… skywars is a fast paced gamemode


Hmm thats ok. I dont like the grace period though.

This is exactly why I stopped playing TW. (It’s a very long game). I really hope that SkyWars will be a fast gamemode, I can’t stand playing long games.


Play on the mushroom and rush around (not going middle but always going to the next base for example red then yellow then gray blue and so on…) it’s very fast because the islands are so close. If you’re good you can probably win in like 6 minutes or less.


I know, I always vote on Mushroom. But sometimes, another map gets the majority of votes, or the map is not on the voting options. When I play other maps, my motivation to grind TW drops because… it’s reallly long.
I meant to make Skywars islands closer to each other, because 40 blocks makes the game very long.


grace period of 10 seconds lolol

wow grace period more like mercy period

Hive Java skywars is absolute… lets say bad. It’s overall not a good gamemode and takes way too long. I hope they don’t make bedrock the same as java.

The only way to make skywars good is if it is fast paced like Cubecraft or even like hypixel.