What is one thing you would add in each Hive gamemode?

You can choose anything you would add in each gamemode. For me personally, I would choose…

SG: More players in each match
TW: Favorites Tab
SW: Water buckets
MM: Different types of weapons (cosmetic)
H&S: More blocks to hide as
JB: New rating system
DR: More maps

If you like any of these made up features that somebody has said I would recommend you to search it, to see if it is a suggestion and vote for it!


Sg: trios and squads
Tw: health boost after kills
Sw: same as tw
Jb: More themes
Mm: cosmetics
Dr: nothing really
Hs: cosmetics


SG: More Maps
TW: Nether Themed Maps
SW: Same as Above
HS: Sardines & Infected Type Gamemode
JB: Better Voting System
MM: Assassin Game Mode
DR: Elimination Game Mode


SG: More maps
TW: More maps
SW: More maps
MM: More maps
H&S: More maps
JB: More themes
DR: More maps

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SG: more maps
TW: potions/enchants
SW: “classic” gamemode without the lucky ores
MM: literally anything that makes the game more fun (more roles I guess)
H&S: more levels
JB: change the voting system
DR: nothing, new maps I guess

SG: Tracking compass
TW: ?
SW: Gain health after a kill
MM: ?
H&S: ?
JB: New rating system
DR: Leap button

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The only 2 games i play are tws and sws.

For tws i would make block breaking tnt diamonds and would remove the gap cap. I would add regen after kills. kb sticks would be fun

For sws i would add regen, change respiration helmet to thorns add a cosmetic where you could change the knockback nemo to something different like a stick or bone. I would also enchanted leggings. Every other armer piece has enchantments but leggings.

A gamemode i would add would be uhc as hive is the least laggy server and i feel like they listen to the community enough where it would be balanced

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TW: make the block breaker 3 emeralds.
Sg: chest refills.
Sw: water and lava buckets.
Mm: more roles.
JB: world edit.
DR: power ups
HnS: more maps

sg: player based matchmaking
tw: netherite gear
sw: lower void
mm: more cosmetics
hs: more maps
jb: more themes
dr: time trials

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SG: Player Tracker Compass
TW: More Maps
SW: More Spells
MM: New Mode (possibly multiple murderers)
H&S: Better taunts
JB: More Themes
DR: New Traps

  • Survival Games: Spawning next to your teammate in Duos.
  • Murder Mystery: As Cyclo said before me, multiple murderers with a bigger map(s) for this.
  • Treasure Wars: A feature to not be matched up with level 75’s when I’m just a wee lil 25 :pensive:
  • Skywars: Spawn with 32 blocks in inventory.
  • Just Build: More blocks and a larger variety of themes.
  • Hidenseek: An option to put yourself forward as wanting to be the seeker for a higher chance of being it.
    Deathrun: Changes to some of the traps (poison, crocodile) and also more traps.
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SG: Making it easier to tell who is your team mate
MM: More maps
TW: 25 new levels and new comestics
SW: Replace the Stone Axe with 32 Andesite
JB: More Themes
HnS: Queueing for seeker
DR: Buffing and nerfing certain traps

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  • SG : Tracking compass
  • TW : More maps
  • SW : More maps
  • JB : Anti-meh system
  • MM : New swords
  • DR : Time trials mode
  • HIDE : More things to do
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SG: I guess more maps, I never play
TW: Dia armor being buyable in pieces in the next update
SW: I don’t play it either
JB: People to stop building nsfw stuff
MM: tracking compass for the murd at the end of the match
DR: Run run(no deaths mode)
HNS: more maps


(Im going to bump this because This needs more things)

SG: More maps
Tw: Fishing rod
Sw: Encahnted Leggins
JB: A vote max for each block
MM: More roles
Dr: 3 Deaths
HNS: more Blocks to pick

I’m gonna bunp this too. because I have some ideas.

SG: more maps
TW: more maps
SW: more maps
MM: more maps
DR: more maps
JB: more blocks


You should of also put more maps for JB

Well just build doesn’t really have maps so…

It only has 1 map it needs more

I beg to differ. But I mean it would be cool to have more maps but more blocks would be great

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