What is "Defer"?

Ok so recently this popped up:

Idk what this is so if someone could tell me I’d appreciate it

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I have no idea, it’s not on my screen. Hope you find answers.

Hey there!

“Defer” means to postpone or suspend, but in this case, because the forums is html-based, it indicates it has anything to do with html.

The defer attribute specifies or returns whether or not a script should be run when a page has completed parsing. This property mirrors the tag’s defer attribute.


It’s gone now… what a mystery

Under your user settings, you can enable an option to “Enable defer to mark topics unread” which basically means if you read a topic but would like to mark it unread so you know to come back to it, you can use the defer feature to do so. I believe it is disabled by default, so to enable it you can go to this link: The Hive Forums (this takes you to your personal settings page)


Ok! I probably accidentally clicked it.

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