What if zombies were added into treasure wars?

So I just got an idea: you should be able to buy a zombie spawn egg with diamonds and the zombie will only attack the opponent teams. The pros of this is that diamonds are now more useful, and can be used for bed defense, giving players more of an incentive to get them. However, it could potentially be annoying. What do you think?

  • I would like to see zombies
  • I would not like to see zombies

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I really don’t want to see zombies for a reason because first, they all get more annoying and most players would kill you if you are distracted by a zombie and they will go behind you and kill you then kill off and you can’t even be successful and you can build 2 blocks high and break QuackBlister824 (not a ign just a made up ign) treasure, Second what do you even get out of this all you get is green nuclear humanoid who is hitting you and this cost 1 diamond if I had about 20 diamonds I would buy 20 of these and place them down mid raiding and distract the player with these and basically I break their treasure and the zombies have a chance of killing off that QuackBlister824, Last you can buy about I don’t know like 50 of these and put them on every island like a zombie apocalypse and break everyone’s treasure and they will get killed by zombies, But I think if the swarms are going to exist at least if this was added people would make the mini game ZI (Zombie Invasion) well now that needs to be the new mini game on the hive. but over all this would suck a lot but it might be good but if there is a little more thinking things through


I don’t think zombies would be too good of an idea because as slow as they are, they wouldn’t be effective whatsoever and people could easily outrun them.

To counter this, you might say that spawning in a horde of zombies or increasing the zombies’ speed to catch up to walking players would make them beneficial. However, as you mentioned in the last line, this would be annoying to players.

In general, I feel the addition of zombies would not enhance the gameplay in any way. I also believe that zombies would serve as a distraction from the main objective and would shift the focus from a skill/strategy PvP to a zombie defense game, which is not what The Hive is going for. Thanks for sharing your idea though :slightly_smiling_face:


Nobody would buy them, they would be so easy to kill it would be comedic.


there are the many one block width bridges in TW.
if the amount of zombies are there, it will be jammer possibly.
of course, we can avoid them, using auto bridger or just putting blocks continuously.

I think It will be not game changer, but slightly change tactics certainly.

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If this was added, there would be some random NewPlayer45843523 spawning 32 of them at their base and dividing my fps by 2.

If there was an item that would give diamonds more use, I hope it would be golden apples.