What do you think about Block Drop?

I’ve played a few games of Block Drop and think it’s a pretty decent game! I know that there is a “Discuss the Hive! updates here” post. But, I’m asking for an opinion from all of you! Btw, Hive! should make an LTM section for suggestions and in the games category in general

On a scale from 1-10, how much do you like Block Drop?
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It’s fun but it’s a bit boring after a while. The blocks should either instantly break or only have 2 stages, as you can just stay on the same block for like 5 seconds and repeat.


Yeah you can very slowly move from block to block and it’s a little boring but I think it’s still pretty fun c:

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Not gonna lie, this is SO MUCH better than Ground Wars. It has much more versatility and it has actual cs options to mess around with. Overall, I’d give it a rating of 8/10 simply because it does infact get a little boring after a while. But still, solid game.


i would hope this game gets put into mixed arcade


There’s actually a post that talks about that exact topic.

Best game ohnistly I have played two games and I love it

Yeah, BD should be more like tnt run where you RUN and can’t stand on the blocks for a while. Well, that would be harder for the mobile community, but you could add different game modes where the blocks drop at different speeds, so you can play at your skill level. There is also like a thousand bugs I found, one that could easily win you the game! Anyway, BD is very great game and it has potential.

It’s something I’ve wanted for a long time

Im lvl 2 and im planning to get to 25 (the max)

Not my style of game, it’s a ok variant of lava run though, although I do wonder if it is just released early as a ltm to test the waters of mixed arcade


I think it’s a nice game, like others said it is a bit boring though…

it seems like the kind of thing that may be added to a mixed arcade game, I also think this might be a trial, and stats may carry into mixed arcade when it gets added

like tnt run but different it has a rimer before teh blocks fall which i like

yes i definitely agree with that

Well all i gotta say is that the custom servers for blockdrop are so fun and awesome.