What device do you play on?

I checked and I don’t think anyone has do this poll but if so I will remove this.

  • PC
  • Xbox
  • Phones
  • Switch
  • Samsung Smart Fridge

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Let me know if I missed a catagory plz

You forgot about Samsung Smart Fridge


Lol can you actually play on it

iPad! iPad! iPad Gaaaaaaaannng!


Idk if i should add anything else in because the last time I did it removed the votes
Is there a way to keep the votes but edit it?

lolol imagine playing on ipad

I play on Xbox but might connect my keyboard and mouse to one of the USB ports on it

I’m on IPad too! :DDD

oh yea I forgot on my PC I play with my graphics tablet, and osu. but I play Minecraft with my graphics tablet

Where are the iPads

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When Hive first released I actually played on Xbox up until June 2019 when I got a laptop for my birthday. This year I got a PC so I haven’t switched platforms for a while now. :ok_hand:

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xbox but use a keyboard and mouse that i use for java on my mac

I mostly play on pc for mc, but occasionally xbox. Xbox for everything else though

I already said in the replies

I play on Windows 10 edition. Its easily the most optimized Bedrock platform.