What bridging technicque you use?

i mostly using Jump bridge and far bridge also i jumping while far bridge

heres the video i use: https://youtu.be/yCPTXveZyKo


I just jump bridge, but sometimes if I’m lagging I just run and spam right click.

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does staff members know to jump bridge like the owners, mods, helper and developers

Pretty much what I do.

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You know, you didn’t have to ping him.


I jumpbridge usually

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why would you ping clank

but i use the same as you, jump bridging and long bridging. it’s called mj bridging by the way.

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I can sprint bridge when on my phone and I could jumpbridge when I am using my controller

not sure if this topic is necessary and I think it should be in #games idk just correct me if I’m wrong

long bridge
jump bridge
and maybe the grandpa bridging

what grandpa bridging

crouching and yeah something like that

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I jump bridge most of the time, sometimes I do normal sprint bridging if I just can’t get it to work though(which happens some days)

I usually MJ bridge or jump bridge if there isn’t enough space :sunglasses:

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I’m actually learning the jump bridge, for now I am just bridging as a PC player. :wink:

You just place a block in front of you, and then look down right away. That’s all that matters to it, as long as you’re on the block once you look down

I use Normal Speed Bridging Its the Best for Controller

Quick setup jump bridge, far bridge while jump bridging, and if its a short distance I stealth bridge

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Laughs in I can’t even bridge while walking

i long bridge with jumping if its a short distance i just jump and clutch

I MJ bridge and if not that I fall and die