What are your favorite maps?

The only 4 murder mystery maps that I feel play out well for both innocents and murderers are (in order):

  1. Eso Hotel
  2. Office
  3. Spaceship
  4. Toy House
    If I continue the rating, it goes:
  5. Warehouse
  6. Witch School
  7. Manor
  8. Museum

I’m interested to see everyone else’s thoughts on this!


Eso Hotel and Museum are cool


With school 100% love it


office is so overused and overrated i don’t even like it as a map anymore


I agree that office is overplayed, but I still like it because of how easy it is to navigate.


In order of personal preference :smile:

8th. Spaceship : a big mess in the center.
7th. Eso Hotel : a mess, too opened.
6th. Warehouse : kinda neat, but sneaky spots. But neat.
5th. Office : too small, people come here only because it’s easier as a murderer, overrated.
4th. Manor : really cool, despite possibility to hide in books.
3rd. Witch School : neat and cool !
2nd. Toy House : this one is really good !
1st. Museum : neat and clear, the best imo.


My personal list:

8th. Warehouse (Too small and I often take circles around the entire map without noticing)
7th. Eso Hotel (Too big in the middle, the middle should be like the outside)
6th. Spaceship (A giant mess everywhere I go, I hardly even know where I’m going most of the time, but still think it’s good for innocents)
5th. Manor (Another maze that I feel has the perfect size, but doesn’t fit my style just too many hiding spots)
4th. Office (Overrated, too small, easy for murderer, but easy for navigation which I can’t say for many other maps)
3rd. Witch School (Easy to navigate, easy for murderer, but slightly overrated)
2nd. Museum (Nicely organized, super easy to navigate if you know the map well and well-balanced)
1st. Toy House (Even if you’re new, can’t get lost, nice hiding spots, nicely balanced, and very organized, only could possibly be bigger to be better)

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My personal list:
8th: Eso Hotel
7th: Museum
6th: Witch School
5th: Manor
4th: Spaceship
3rd: Office
2nd: Warehouse
1st: Toy House

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My favourites are eso hotel and witch school

1 ~ Office.
2 ~ Toy house.
3 ~ Eso Hotel.
4 ~ Museum.
5 ~ Witch school.
6 ~ Spaceship.
7 ~ Warehouse.
8 ~ Manor.

i like manor most because i really feel like it fits with the vibe and i love the fireplaces and bookshelves they’re ~secretive~, but museum is also really cute

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Eso Hotel has got to be my favorite, but only because it looks cool ahah. It’s nice to get up into the trees too.

there’s a pretty blue water area below manor that can be seen through vents

i want to go there

but i can’t

so im sad

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just install noclip hacks

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Favorite MM Map
  • Esco Hotel
  • Office
  • Spaceship
  • Toy House
  • Warehouse
  • Witch School
  • Manor
  • Museum

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I don’t play too much MM, but I’d say I like Office and Toy House

since ive maxed out MM now, these are my fav maps

  1. Eso Hotel
  2. Toy House
  3. Office
  4. Witch School//Spaceship//Manor (Tie)
  5. Warehouse
  6. Museum

its my fav cuz its easy to get coins

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Eso hotel is the best :slight_smile:

toy house because of the clocks.