What are Modified xp?

What are Modified xp? I know a bit about them but thes modified xp count with hive +, xp boosters and normal xp from the game? Lemme just put it into a little graph here.

Option 1:
Normal xp, Hive +, xp Boosters

Option 2:
Hive +, xp Boosters

Just type 1 or 2 for the answer :slight_smile:

Modified xp, in leaderboard terms, is your xp with anything that boosts your xp such as, like you said, Hive+, boosters, login streak etc. :+1:

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K so anything that boost your normal xp correct so it would be 2?

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I’m a bit confused by your two options, so I’ll explain it in a more specific way. Anything that boosts your xp contributes to your modified xp. So, if you don’t have any xp boosts active and you earn 100 xp from a game, you get 100 xp. If you earn 100 xp from a game, but you have a 10% xp boost from your login streak, you would earn 110 xp. (Note: it would show that you earned 110 xp on the end game card. This card shows your modified xp.) So, if you earn 100 xp, plus a 10% boost, 110 xp is your modified xp. Modified xp contributes to your levels. Unmodified xp is what shows on the leaderboards. It shows this so that people with ranks or boosters don’t have an advantage on the leaderboards. I hope this makes sense. :+1:


That makes sense now thanks!

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