Welp, I feel ded inside

So I’m going in the end on a survival world
perfectly normal right? So I check inv and I see I need a ender pearl for the end gateway. (What I didn’t know was that I had a punch, power, flame, mending, and unbreaking bow in my inv). I see a endermen and guess what? I had iron armor and I get killed. So along with my elytra, I lose probably the most op I will ever have.

big oof dude

can we get a F in the replyes for this unlucky man :frowning:



Sorry about autocorrect I ment to say most op

F. But how do you die to an enderman? I can kill an enderman without any armor

they take off a lot of damage

A thing called sucking at Minecraft xd


I suck at everything except minecraft

you make it sound easy, but when the knockback on your world is more broken than 1.14.6 it hurts