We need to reduce diamond ore spawn rates!

most times while i’m rushing a team at the beginning of a match i get killed because the guy has full diamond you can break a diamond block and it would give diamond armor .

Please think about this

Diamond ore spawns were already reduced in a previous patch that you can read about here. I doubt they need reduced more, as you can now just go to the middle and open one of the four new epic chests (They are the ender chests!) and get diamond gear. :+1:


I agree with Pixel. A lot of times I only see like 1-2 diamond ores on my spawn island. It is annoying, but if you move to another island you’re almost guaranteed diamond ores.


They need to reduce it more thats what im saying

As @ariannasv22 said above, only a couple spawn on each island, and you don’t even get armor most of the time.

If they reduce it any further then they may as well get rid of diamond ore altogether

Ima get on in 3 hours and get some screenshots

I know what you mean, but in most cases those people either got just lucky with emerald ore, they moved to the inner islands quickly, or they killed other players and took their diamond armor. Again, it is annoying but ultimately it’s pretty fair.

i get what you mean people have opinons

i just think its unfair]