We need more moderation and hack support

The topic name says it all: we need more hack support and server moderation. I play treasure wars more than any other game mode; I play with my friend almost every night for at least a couple of hours [you can thank a delayed school start for that] and every night without fail I encounter someone with any hack ranging from anti-knock back, instant block destruction, or even extreme reach. There have been several times where the offending player would be standing on my neighboring island at the start of a game then look at us and our treasure would be destroyed! Other times players have placed blocks from more than 10-15 blocks away!! And dont even get me started on the cross-teaming! It specifically warns against it at the start of every match, but I see it all too often. Additionally, there isn’t a way to report players within the Hive; there’s no /report command or anything!
Please, in the name of all that is sacred, PLEASE add a command for player reporting, and improve hack-detection/hack-report investigations.

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Hi there!

Hackers are frustrating indeed. The best way to deal with them is by submitting a report on the Hive discord server. There, an admin will be able to review it.

Video evidence helps, but if you’re only able to get their name, that’s fine too!

Also, in-game reporting is going to be an added feature shortly! Feel free to view the roadmap to check it out for yourself. https://trello.com/b/QfmAXk78/hive-bedrock-roadmap


hello! i can’t put stuff on discord as i am only thirteen! how do i report?

you know discord is for 13 year old or higher right?

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Even then, there are some people who can’t get discord or they simply just don’t want to. So it still bears the question of how to report otherwise.

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You can indeed use Discord if you’re 13 but if you choose not to or can’t for other reasons, the best alternative would be to PM an admin here on the forums :+1:t2:

As for the actual topic of this thread, it doesn’t seem to be much of a suggestion since you’ve not come up with a way to do what you’re asking aside from in-game reporting, which is already coming :slight_smile: We deal with rulebreakers fairly quickly but can only do so efficiently if users report them to us. If the name of a hacker never makes it our way, we simply won’t know to look at them. Furthermore, the anti-cheat is constantly being worked on to be able to handle a portion of moderation for us.