Wasn't Hive shut down?

Why do these forums still exist if you shut down Hive?

Hive for Java was shut down, not for bedrock.


they shut down java hive not bedrock hive

Isn’t hive for Bedrock just completely another server, just using Hive’s branding?

bedrock hive has the same developers, owners, and some staff


Nope. The Hive themselves opened up a Bedrock server in 2018.


Weird, I’ve not seen gamemodes like Block Party on there. While Hypixel has pixel party now, it is not the same.

hive bedrock hasnt been out as long as java
and they are currently working on block party

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Hopefully Block Party will arrive with The Arcade coming soon, as for other games there is DeathRun, Hide & Seek and TIMV is sort of there but it’s Murder Mystery and there is only 1 traitor/murderer.

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I still get kinda sad when I see this message:


Yeah, same :frowning:
But at least the server lives on in Bedrock Edition, you are welcome to join the fun at anytime :slight_smile:

It’s by the same creator so a little bit of both

Murder in Mineville was a Hive game too don’t you remember? it was a lot more like Murder Mystery than TIMV was :sob:

Yeah I remember :slight_smile:

Part of me hopes Hive Java will one day return one day, maybe if the cost to run a large Java server is reduced and they are able to upgrade their server to the latest version of MC.

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I’m not so sure, they sounded very final when the time came lol. Were you there for the last 10 minutes back in April 15th?

Yup, here’s one of my last screenshots of Hive Java


The <3’s at the end lmao

Everyone was so nice at the end it was incredible.


So much nostalgia even if I haven’t played Java ever :sob:

I wanted to check it out whenever I got a pc….

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For reference, before Hive Java shut down this was called Hive Bedrock Forums

Hive Java was the one that shut down, not for Bedrock

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