Was I being falsely flagged?

I was told that 2 posts I made were flagged for being off topic on a bug report. IDK why but both were from Google Translate and I think someone is abusing. I’m very sorry if I’m breaking the rules but I am wanting to complain (I also emailed) and I think someone has been abusing the report system. Sorry about that

Here’s evidence:

There really isn’t a way to ‘abuse the report system’ as all staff take a thorough look trough the reports. And if they deem,ed that it was flagged for the correct reason, then action will be taken. ‘Posts being taken down/removed/edited, the user getting a punishment etc, etc.’


When a post is flagged, it heads to the mod inbox to be processed - one of three options, ignore, agree, or disagree. If it’s hidden the person who reviewed it probably figured it was worth hiding and agreed with the flag. If youre wondering why it got taken down you could always message a Hive admin I suppose.



As a couple of players have already stated, when a post is flagged, staff review it and determine whether or not it is against the rules. If staff determine that a flagged post doesn’t violate the rules, the post is made public again.

In our rules, it states that you should:

The posts that you are referring to were deemed off-topic and were therefore removed. You can read the rules in full here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me private message here on the forums.

Thread Closed.