VPN’s and proxys

Hi all. Im on vacation and im now limited to my phone and due to Overprotective parents they put a proxy on it. I found a bypass that can make me disable it for about 30 sec to 1 minute thus giving me enough time to join the hive . Will the Hive’s “anticheat” detect it coming back online or am i free to go?

I haven’t gone on the hive yet as we are staying where there isn’t wifi

It might kick you, but idk if you will get banned or something… Maybe someone else can help answer your questions

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If you’re switching your connection whilst you’re on the server, you’ll most likely be disconnected, as your connection is being reset. There’s sadly no way to avoid this.

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aayyy I was right…pog me!

(first time for everything I suppose)

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Yes sadly i can’t join hive long enough that i can play a game but i can still build up a new login streak. Thx