Voice actor for the mail bot

I think it’s possible to add a voice actor for the mailbot. Because I’ve seen other maps on the marketplace had a voice actor in it if you know what i mean. Because that’ll be cool if we have a voice actor in the server greeting us and stuff.

The question is
Is it really possible?

[Please this is just a suggestion don’t take it seriously]

It would kinda give off the cringe vibes from a free marketplace map with talking villagers imo :joy: I guess it would depend on the voice


It depends on the voice actor

use Google’s male voice instead lol


What language would it be in? They’d have to make the bot talk in your Minecrafts set language which would take a lot of effort for such a miniscule feature.


English afcourse or other languages.

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text to speech bot voice > literally everyone’s voice


So there would be a different language in each region? I don’t think everyone knows English, this seems quite problematic.


It depends… It’s just a suggestion

that is actually one of the reasons I didn’t vote for this suggestion

the player can simply enable text-to-speech in the Minecraft accessibility settings and they’ll be able to hear MailBot’s dialog in any language (as long as Hive team or Minecraft itself (auto)translated it ofc)


It’ll be more annoying if you type something in the chat you have to turn of the text 2 speech again.

Honestly, voice acting in mc just annoys me. Especially if the mailbot said it every time I logged on.

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Still seems like a lot of effort to go through just to hear the Mailbot say ‘You have mail’ or something other. The Mailbot is there when you have Mail and dissapears when you have read it. I just don’t believe there’s a need.

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Mailbot is cuter than the strider

imo beep boop sounds are fine. Make Mailbot Move :eyes:

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No voice because not everyone understands english and would take a lot of effort like orbixx said but maybe robot sounds would work such as beeping noises

you can change the language in the minecraft settings smh

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What he means is hive staff to voice the bot, not a mc narrator, I think beeping noises would work just fine

i just realised that you’re not the topic creator lmao

when you said that I thought you meant no, voice (as in voice is better)

yeah so no vote from me sorry

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Me neither but still beeping noises work

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