Very late introduction (forgive meh)

woah it’s Beast3rzz (memes aside)
Hi i’m Beast3rzz i play a lot of games such as
Minecraft, Geometry dash, And friday night funkin (not recommenced for younger forum users :))

What do i main on the hive?

I normally play skywars t-wars (rarely) mm and maybe block drop (WARNING BLOCK DROP IS LIMITED TIME MODE)
I sometimes play with my friends if u want to add me my ign is Beast3rzz I would say i’m a nice guy but i can be very rude


I’m sorry for the VERY late topic please forgive me :pensive:

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Ok sorry but I’m slightly confused here you say this but telling by your grammar and way of speech it appears that you are apart the young forum members group

But ok

Welcome? Ig


i’m only 14 e

in what way lmao

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when u die… blue uhm i cant say it i don’t wanna get flagged

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thats not really inappropriate but ok

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blue ba lls

haha so funny



You are forgiven.

Welcome indeed :yellow_heart:

FNF is probably PG-13 or something

There’s no way there’s going to be younger fo-

Nevermind a lot of people here has the same mental capacity as that age group

Welcome anyways

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oh ok thanks omega