Vending Machine

This game is called Vending Machine, and I found it on the internet.

One person names something, and the next names what the person would get for that thing.

After that, that person names another item and it continues.


I hope this isn’t a duplicate because I searched hard and didn’t find anything.

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I’ll start. I insert a cat!

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I guess a toy mouse for it

a can of tuna

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You would get a book for that.

I insert a gaming chair!

A new iPad!

I insert Saturn

Woo! I got a PC!
I insert a lego

You get a Rubik’s cube!

I insert an apple.

You get a pair of pears

I insert a house

You get a house boat!

I insert a netherite block.

You get A 4k TV

I insert a Mona lisa

I get a billion dollar mansion.

I insert a cup of tea.

You get an almond :chestnut:
I insert a pair of Scissors called TallScissors938 :omegahlul:

You get a bag of doritos

I insert a free vending machine

you got a 1 seat car

I insert a taco bell coupon

I take that coupon on insert a vacuum cleaner.

you get an air freshener for that!

I insert the Minecraft game!

I take out the Fabreze and insert $100 USD.

you get back… $99 usd. disappointing.

i put in a mug of tea!

You get a drouge mothership

I put in the supporium prime song