Username rating

So, in this game we ill share our Xbox gamertags and review them. My username is Faith_full_Wind.
I’ll rate a 6 on 10

My xbox name is LooksRare

nice ill rate an 9 on 10

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7/10 cool name but could be better if it didn’t have _

I like your IGN, along with your pfp, 8.9/10!

thanks but what’s your username

Why is there a space in between ‘faith’ and ‘full?’ Either way… pretty dull.


That’s not a space, that’s a underscore. Genius.

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9/10 The username looks rare.


That username is a original

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it’s actually a space. genius.

the forums makes the spaces in your name underscores, and i’m also pretty sure xbl doesn’t allow underscores in names

also 8/10 for the name

I like the way it just rolls off my tongue :smile:

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Your name reminds me of the soccer player of the name Ozil

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9/10 just a cool user name


Very cool username, profile and nice Mario backround.

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7/10 (I am in class rightnow)

Same. I have class :wink:


Good Lego show 6/10

For mine I think 2 year old me came up with a decent name

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8/10 silly and crazy

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