Urgent suggestion for DeathRun

I’m doing this at once !! We need a New Update on DeathRun! Hive is a Great Server, but I realize that now they are just making new Updates for the TW. Honestly, I do not much like TW, nor SG, but, MM, HS, and DR Short Enough! Mainly DR. I really want a new update for DR. I know this is not just the one I want, but hundreds of players! I feel like DR is Half Deleted! I know that DR is a minigame with very few players, but many, many, like minigame! What I wanted it to come again:

  • New Levels (Up to 50 or 100)
  • New Cosmetics
  • New Global Awards (Hub Titles and Avatars)
  • and at least 2 New Maps
    Hive is great, but sometimes it makes me sad! I want the server to grow, but also that the DR grows together!

Maybe fresh and new traps as well. I really do get sick of the same poison gas or parkour traps. I’d like to see new traps like maybe acid rain and you have to get under blocks in order to avoid the acid rain while doing parkour. Maybe stuff like that. And welcome to the community!


Totally agree with you, DR is actually dieing and needs an important update. Maybe the possibility to queue for the roles liike Runner and Death ? So the players who wants to be runner are runners.

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I agree with increasing the levels.