Update survival games

A lot of hive sweats like me and others have been wanting an update for survival games because it hasn’t been updated in so long and you can tell it hasn’t because of the “in beta” tag on it. so on behalf of a lot of people here are some sg suggestions, chest refills, higher levels, more maps, lower the damage on bows, and trios and squads games for survival games. These suggestions would make the sweat community more happy and better for updates in all. Thank you, and have a nice day

The Hive is working and releasing updates all the time. Also, try to add an explanation of why these things would be good to add, and only have one suggestion per thread.

One last thing, some (if not all) of these things are duplicate suggestions. Please use the search button in the top right and search to see if things have been suggested before you make a thread.

And welcome to the forums!!