Update Museum Map

Updating the Museum map in Murder Mystery
Simple suggestion: update the Pluto 3d cube model in the center of the Museum map

More information:
As well as updating some minor things in the map as it is supposed to be accurate. The Pluto one is the one I noticed the most.

It’s a bit of a small change. Also, models take quite a while to make, and making them accurate takes even longer.
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They can take a while, but Toasty and the platypus only took me ~30 minutes each. I suppose those models aren’t really up to Hive’s standards of quality though. And they’re pretty small.

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I quite like this suggestion and it seems like it shouldn’t be too difficult to add a lightly textured small grey cube, so voted! Also…

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I think a major update to museum: Fix people falling through the floor!

Seriously, 2 times I was playing on this map, a murderer fell through the floor.
theres not really a way to get back into the map. sooooo…