Update games that are doing bad

That was a long title

So as we all know, games such as Skywars,Bedwars, and hide and seek are known for their HUGE player counts. And AWESOME updates! Unlike Groundwars Aannd Blockdrop Annd Gravity Aannd blockParty Aannnd our favourite SURVIVAL GAMES! do you guys see a patern? The games that dont do well is just left there and never touched for example groundwars, it has not recived a single update just because it is not doing well? That is just not an excuse and no we cant say hive is working on it because its been 2 years without one and they aint jut gonna drop one like right now im not trying to make this a bad post on the hive but if the games arent doing well, it would be a smarter choice to update it because then more games get higher players instead of 2

This could be like maybe 2 updates for these in maybe 1 year or maybe even 1 update 1 year but im going to say it im not a dev and i have no clue if its actually hard to do so, how ever hive really should consider updating every game to its full limits rather than only updating 2 games to its limits

well but some games like block party. They do this like on java server but it can only attract so much, same for gravity.
I don’t say they didn’t need update, but I want to say BE player seemed to want to play what Java server have, especially what hypixel have. when tw became bw the server player number rose so much, and many suggested skyblock and…here comes the plan. mm and hns and just build may because they are easy to play or something else so they are the most popular non-pvp games.

I do under stand what you mean but that can still be said for groundwars and block drop they are simple and can we fun if you play it the right way :slight_smile:

I think GW realy deserves an update as a whole, XP distribution is bad, and it feels pretty stale seeing as how its last update was when it was in the arcade

as for the other games mentioned, who cares I’m joking
most of the games that aren’t in the middle podiums in the hub are just neglected,

Last time i played gw was at the birthday quest! I cant play another cus the queues!!

Yeah you are right most of people don’t care about GW and BD. Maybe making a combined game with more microgames? like Mineware? will work.

Block Drop, Ground Wars, and Gravity are all forgotten as there are the end of the podium line, are stale(Gw is stale, bd is too much for me, and gravity is a good idea but is not advertised more). And no, making a party game like minerware is not a good idea, many people enjoy them as separate games, and together as a party game isn’t the best idea in my opinion :v:!


I agree, groundwars is one of the underrated games (dont kill me) and tbh it should get mlre attention


just remove them from the quests. survival games and ground are not doable in the morning at all

While I would love for these games to be updated more frequently, these games would definitely take time away from more successful game modes, and that did lead to Cubecraft taking the lead in player counts back in 2022 with the arcade update, hive is in a state where it’s better to stick with what is proven successful, I wouldn’t mind them getting updated infrequently especially Block Drop.


Why not add a feature that deletes blockmine??