Unikern’s Guide To Improving at PVP

Now now, hello there! I’m making this guide to help all these people who want to improve at PVP. Sure, it is a long read, but I’m sure it will help in the long run. Enjoy!


The first most important thing in PVP is gamesense. You can be absolute dogcrap at pvp but be amazing at PVP games if you have amazing gamesense. Gamesense (to me) is being able to take your surroundings, internalize them, and realize what you can do in your situations. This can be learning to pick your fights, or other things that aren’t directly PVP related. Learning gamesense is one of the most important things in PVP and you won’t consistently win without it.

Let’s think of a potential situation. You have full diamond in SW! You think you’re the king of the world! Everyone else is severely undergeared and you feel unstoppable! You walk around like royalty, bridging to the last players base… and you get trapped. A simple staircase or headhitter trap. I can obviously use this in many situations, such as you got bowspammed off, or you got snowballed or comboed off because you underestimated your opponent’s skill. This is obviously an act of your stupidity. (not calling anyone stupid, pls no flag ty) Let me say this once. Just because you’re extremely stacked, does not mean you are unstoppable. This is really important. Always be cautious of your surroundings. This is the first example of gamesense I can tell you. Have many, many people been falling in the void with one person staying at their base? They are most likely trapping. People can have snowballs, bows, just be careful!

Long paragraph guys, I’m sorry. Let me give another example of gamesense, picking your fights. This example of gamesense is most useful in SG. idk if I gotta give yall an example for this one purr- anyways you probably want to learn to pick your fights. Using what I mentioned above, if you see you’re more geared then someone but you see in the chat they’ve been getting a lot of kills, you need to be cautious because they could be a very good player. If you are less geared than someone, but you seem to be better than them, go in for the fight. You won’t always pick the right fights, and you will only learn from practice. Practice on other servers or even just on hive never hurts and will always help you.

Using the two strategies above, your gamesense will already be heightened. You don’t need to be perfect at PVP, but being attentive and cautious to your surroundings will help a ton, as well as practicing picking your fights. Losing is a key part in learning to improve your gamesense. No one has a 100 wl ratio. Practice makes perfect, as they say!

@Batuganda mentions below this method of thinking:

This is amazing for analyzing your fights and using your losses to improve. Once you lose a fight, should you contemplate about how bad you are? No, of course not, you should analyze what conditions caused you to lose. Was it a gear problem? Was your opponent more skilled than you? What could you have done to make yourself win that fight? Using these questions after each battle will help you improve at pvp and make you win more of your fights.

PVP strats

Now, I can’t talk to you about PVP without enlightening you on PVP strategies. Whether this goes from strafing, to sprint resetting, or to aim, I will try and make this as mobile/controller friendly as possible. Granted, I will add tips for PC players, being one, and I will not have the greatest tips for mobile.


Sensitivity is very important, it can make or break good aim. (scotteh is one of the reasons I realized it was so important.) Sensitivity is purely dependent on the person playing, their mouse configuration, their mousepad, and how much space they have. Or it depends how fast you move your screen with your finger. Or it depends how fast you move the controller thing. Regardless, a good sensitivity is crucial to have good aim, whatever platform you play on. I use 23 sens and 800 DPI, because although I have a small mousepad, I don’t like my mouse going too fast on my screen. Did I find my perfect sensitivity in one go? Hell to the no. Did it take me time to find the sens for me? Of course. As I said, take your time to practice on other servers or on hive (dm me if you want other practice servers) and mess around with sensitivity until you can find your range, where you will eventually narrow it down to your perfect sens.


Now that we’ve talked about a crucial part into getting good aim, let’s talk about aim! Aim is super important and will matter a lot in PVP. Personally (other people will obviously disagree), aim is more important that cps. Someone with good aim and low cps (4-6) will beat someone with bad aim and high cps (12-15). For aim, just practice!! Whether you have to get a friend in survival to strafe around you to practice your aim, or you just practice in game… PRACTICE! I was watching videos of myself back in my lifebaot days, and my aim was ass. (ass is allowed on hive pls and ty) I took these weaknesses of mine, and used them to become a better pvper overall. I would jump a lot while pvping, which is really bad, because it allows you to be comboed much easier. Moral of the story, PRACTICEEEEEEE


I’m going to glaze over cps with a couple sentences. I don’t jitterclick or butterfly, they dont work with my mouse. Would I be better if I had a different mouse? Probably. But I’m still already pretty good with my 6 cps. Do not sacrifice good aim for high cps- it’s not worth it.

Comboes and Strafing

Now that you’re able to improve your aim, time to combo wombo. On bedrock edition, there’s this little thing we call a sprint reset. Yes, you can do this on mobile and on controller. We call this the w tap, but essentially, if you can manage to get your opponent 3 blocks away from you, if you reset your sprint everytime you hit your opponent, you will be able to combo them without them being able to hit you. On PC, hold your sprint keybind (mine is ctrl) and everytime you see your opponent go red, release W and then press it again. @Ryan gives a very detailed description here I don't get comboes. On mobile, release the forward button and repress it whenever u hit ur opponent. Console, do the same thing. Obviously at first, comboing will be hard, but you don’t need it to win! This brings us to

Strafing! I probably should’ve put this before comboes, because its 10x more important, but strafing is just moving to the side to make it harder for ur opponent to hit you. There are multiple strafes- oneside left strafe, where you strafe to the left side using the forward and left buttons, oneside right strafe, same concept but for right side, twoside strafe where you alternate between left and right, circle strafe where you strafe in a circle, the list goes on and on. Once again, I cannot stress this enough, but you will not improve without PRACTICE!! Strafing is one of the most important techniques to practice. Along with my day.

2nd edit: If I made any mistakes, or there’s anything I missed you’d like me to gloss over, please let me know


This is a really good guide. I also agree about gamesense you can win any fight with less gear as long as you can bridge fight or get them near an edge.


Please for the love of God, please don’t jitter click. Unless you want to please don’t, not because it gives you arthritis (which is false) it can severely hurt your hand if you jitter click for a long time and don’t go ham on your mouse.


imagine not butterflying or normal clicking lol

download (19)

Great guide though, I got some important tips out of it


i knew i would make mistakes i meant to put snowballed smh my head

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Information -> Gamesense -> Strategy -> PVP encounters -> Combat Tactics -> Skill duel -> Aftermath and repeat

What you know -> What you feel would happen -> What you could do about it -> a wild boogie has appeared -> How would you deal with the boogie to give you the best win chance -> the fight -> it is done, what do you do now?

this is basically more or less how people would think. having weak or no power in one of them could result in a fail


arrrhhghh long paragraphs

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I use around 20 sen too! Before seeing this I was wondering if it was weird that I had 20 sen when other ppl I know had like 80

Edit: Just finished reading and I can totally agree that aiming is better than high cps as once I tried to butterfly click and I just couldn’t aim at all! Its definitely better to get better aim instead. I mainly strafe because I’ve practiced it and I can get really good combos sometimes where as w tapping I still have a bit more to go.

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that’s actually a great mindset, i’ll consider which ones are the most important to learn and practice and put them in this

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another great thing you mentioned is losing fights and why its important. although it was indirect, once you lose a fight, analyze what caused you to lose the fight. was it a skill difference? was it a gear difference? after analyzing and thinking of ways you couldve won that fight, use that for your next fight. rinse and repeat.

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Not going to lie this is one of the most epic pvp guides I’ve read. It is very true that big bwain beats pvp sometimes.

Also the first “you” in the sentence is supposed to be “you’re.”


i cant see the guide


click on the “PVP” summary/spoiler thingy


Thanks @unikern! Really helpful guide.

Why’d you have to ping him smh


Why not?

Anyway, I read most of this guide, and I will try to use these strats in the future!

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It would be nice if someone did a pvp guide but with controller

I play on controller, ans this made a substantial difference to my PvP ability, Unikern said he tried to make it as controller/mobile friendly as possible, and I think he did that well.


I said why’d you ping him, not why’d you like the post