Unfairness in games

Every time I am in a round with an UWU in it they target me and (try) to kill me first.


They could be targeting your first for a reason. Or just because they want.

How can the uwus “target” when they presumably would play a 2,1,1 matchup on the islands lol

That’s a coincidence.
No reason to hate on them.

No no I kill anyone first who UWUs on purpose. UWU is the multiplying call of furries and I want to keep them from multiplying via mitosis. There will be no furries in my TW game.




Well I don’t care about furries but that’s the dumbest and stupidest thing ever.
And I mean what you said.

Also if you just type in chat you’re going to die right away.

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wait what??


well i dont find anyone with UwU in TW
if i did find one then there was, but didn’t target me or killed me.

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#1 and #3 both have “uwu” in their name. Trust me, they aren’t targeting you specifically. They’re just trying to stay on top of the leaderboards.


my reply just got edited but i dont see the edit :confused:

EDIT: i see it now. thx kaiurii for editing

Pretty sure they aren’t furries.
Probably just ordinary players with uwu at the end.

What do you mean, they are the lowest and worst of the furries and the “UwU” is a sign of them attempting to multiply and Spread. Furry is a highly contagious disease but together, we can work together to prevent the outbreak of it.


What beastmaster means by that is that people will target high level people after they reveal their color through chat

Oh ok, I apologise.
I now know the true meaning…

omg we’re going off-topic

This is not being off topic. Furries are a danger to society and we need to eliminate them together.



you just gonna keep talking about that or what?

But for really after playing 5 rounds against xarrow UWU and 3 other ranked players the next round all four of them right away came after me no body else just I am being targeted in many games besides TW also by many ranked hive players and I have seen them teem in TW and SG and one had reach once they hit me from 7 blocks away

straight fax bois

  1. I’m not sure if targeting is against the rules.
  2. Teaming isn’t allowed. You should report it.
  3. If he hit you from 7 blocks away, it’s probably not reach. Blame the janky combat system.
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