Unfairness in games

Me and a lot of mobile players have a big disadvantage when it comes to pvp I want a new game that it does not matter what device anybody is playing on so it is fair for everybody!

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There is a new, Non-PvP game called “JBlobby” that is in the works right now.

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This is not an suggestion, please change this to the #games category.

And btw @ThanPixel what the heck is JBlobby?


I mean yeah the pocket/pc/console difference is a big deal, but you never suggested how it fix it.

Also @Arthur78234 nobody really knows lol


google it, it’s a java game

I can’t seem to find anything about j blobby being a java minigame. Would you mind sending a link?

I don’t really know honestly, I think it is one

It isn’t. I looked up everywhere

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I don’t think that will be the actual name. Maybe try reversing the letters or try to decode “Jblobby” to see if it has a secret word.

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Hi cool guy Mobile player here. You just don’t know how to play Mobile correctly. Only the biggest of brains can win consistently while being on mobile without a controller. Pvp against PC is nonexistent in Mobile you will die 75% of the time. So you just go around and influence what happens in the game until you can knock the last person off the edge with snowballs. That’s the pro mobile way.


I condemn usage of snowballs but yeah I guess

Anyways, what are you trying to suggest here, OP?

You only described an issue.

I already told him that.

Sorry, am blind

He wants this, but this is very vague.

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But the only thing I do since I play PE is find glitches and trapping spots in SG and used them.

Really, the issue here is that Minecraft Bedrock was never designed with fair, competitive gameplay as a priority. Really, this is up to the server developers to find a way to balance gameplay in a way that they feel is best.


Using glitches, either for advantage or whatever else is not allowed in the server. If you’ve been doing this, then ok. But do not continue doing that as you will be reported and punished.

Also, tap the “Edit” button (pencil icon) and change the category to Games.


But first I had it in games but they changed it

And second I only now glitch when there is a UWU in a round bc I hate any body with UWU at the end of there name and I also do it if there is ranked TW players in the round.

Why do you care? There is absolutly NO REASON to glitch yourself because of someone with “UwU” in their name. You will be punished, and you will regret it if they actually punish you. Glitch abusing is against the rules and you still do it. Whatever the reason for you to do it, it is punishable.