Under 13 hive discord server

Of you join the hive discord server under 13 but then leave and wait untill your 13 and join the server will you still get banned?

I’ll need someone to clarify this but I think you wouldn’t get banned.

I’ve seen this happen on the forums, and it seemed fine, so I’m assuming that it is the same for discord.

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I mean according to the discord TOS, people need to be at least 13 years old then can have a discord account

Although I am not too sure either regarding the question, maybe a staff member could confirm this

Just don’t use discord until you are 13

You should read this

If a player is under 13, having a Discord account at all isn’t allowed.

As a partnered server, we have to strictly enforce Discord’s TOS; if we believe that someone is underage, we are obliged to take action and report the account to Discord’s trust and safety team.