Unban from chat

My account Aifierobbo07 is banned from chat, I made a mistake, I understand if you won’t but I’m sorry, I will never do anything again

Hi, welcome!

I recommend private messaging someone who is a staff member and willing to help you out.

Email [email protected] for ban/mute appeals. They only remove false mutes though, and it sounds like you’ve been muted for a reason from you saying you’re sorry, so I doubt they’ll remove your mute.


What was your mistake!? Does it tell you you’re muted when you chat!? How long are you muted for!?

If it says nothing when you send a message, it has nothing to do with the Hive. It’s not a mistake, and you shouldn’t be bothering any moderators. You should improve your behavior.

Hey :wave:
It doesn’t look like you have been muted by us. It is quite possible that you’ve been suspended from chatting, therefore, I’d recommend you to reach this article Why am I muted / why can nobody see what I type? as it will help you with this issue :slight_smile:


Also, make sure this in your Xbox privacy settings is checked.