Unable to connect to the world

I play from Windows 10 but I can’t connect to the hive from the bedrock edition. The game says “Unable to connect to world”. However, the others are fine.

I don’t think I get banned because I have never done ban-able behavior. Some help me, please.

Which version are you playing on?

Since it seems like you are playing win10, just exit out of the game a couple times and you’ll get in eventually, maybe restart your computer etc, shouldn’t take too long

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Be sure about your internet

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Having similar issue. I am working with support via email and also working with the community.
I will keep posting updates here:

Thank you for your comment. I play latest version of Minecraft on Windows 10.

Thank you for your comment. I turn off my computer every time before I go to bed but still can’t connect. I also did re-install Minecraft and re-login Xbox but the situation seems not to be good.

Thank you for your comment. As see in the above picture, I can connect other servers so I think that there is no problem about internet connection.

Oh ok, good to know. If you were on 1.12, it would’ve been because Hive dropped support for it.

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I have already said above, I play in 1.14.30, not 1.12.

I was just saying it was good to know.

Hey there! So I have a few solutions…

  1. Restart/reload Minecraft.
  2. Hard-restart (or simply restart) your PC.
  3. Sign out, close Minecraft then re-open it, Sign in on Xbox Live again

The third one might look a bit silly, but it’s the only ones I have.

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Thank you for your comment. I did them before and just now again but I can’t still join The HIVE.

Good news! The connection recovered yesterday! Now, I can join The Hive! I don’t know why the connection recovered but I changed my skin before recover connection. I don’t know whether This is cause of problem or not.

Thank you for your help. I appreciate.

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No problem, but please don’t double post. Just edit the first post.

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Please Hive community, please

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Problem solved; thread closed :+1:

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