Unable to chat in Hive Discord server

I have previously joined Hive Discord server and chat in it and after awhile i decided to buy Hive+ rank, my name in discord does not get changed to green, i has do some tips that member in the chat told me, doesn’t work, i decided to changed my name too, and out of curiosity i thought if i leave the server and rejoin i maybe will get my green name and new name changed too, but after i leave the chat, i cannot chat after rejoined the chat server, i thought i need to go to Hive and get a discord verify code, i enter the code to the Hive chat bot, it just said that it like to serve the public Hive Games Discord and that it, i enter a different code is just said the same thing over and over again, please help me with this problem. Thank you.

You could try to email [email protected]


This happened to me before, and yes that actually is the hives support email (they did bring me back on the server again).

Try to message the bot “unlink” to unlink your account and then link it again by doing /discord in game and messaging the bot the code it gives you. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Try email [email protected]

Make sure you read the entire thread before you post, and see how long ago it was. BlueSlimeMC already said almost exactly what you said, and this person was helped 6 months ago
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